Mechanical Services

The Mechanical Services Engineer works closely with the Project Team to provide comfortable surroundings for residents, the public and staff of historic and other buildings.

MTA offer condition surveys of the existing services to establish usability, recommend re-use or replacement and establish the routes necessary to install new equipment in the most efficient, unobtrusive manner, minimising loss of the historic fabric of the building. This is achieved through design of heating and ventilation controls, water supply, drainage and plumbing, air conditioning and catering services, with a view to efficient, low carbon, low energy and sustainable systems where possible.

    • Metering strategies & solutions
    • Low carbon & sustainability option studies & designs
    • Fuel supplies
    • Boiler plant & heat generation
    • Heating & ventilation systems
    • Air conditioning
    • Environmental control for collections & museum environments
    • Heat recovery
    • Hot & cold water services
    • Condition surveys & reports
    • Thermal modelling
    • Building Regulations Part L
    • CDM designer’s risk assessments
    • Conservation heating
    • Review of installation work on site
    • Witnessing testing, commissioning and demonstration of M&E systems
    • Review of O&M manuals and record drawings of installed systems
    • Above ground foul drainage

Pool ducting system.

Martin Thomas Associates Historic Building Consultants

Heating pump sets.

Martin Thomas Associates Historic Building Consultants