Building Services Consultants

Electrical Services

The Electrical Services Engineer works closely with the Project team to design safe, efficient and enhanced systems for important historic, cultural, commercial and residential buildings.

Mechanical Engineering Services

Mechanical Services

The Mechanical Services Engineer works closely with the Architectural team to provide comfortable surroundings for residents, the public and staff of historic and other buildings.

Sustainability Services

Sustainability Services

Our design approach is to utilise low energy sustainable solutions using passive means where possible to maintain comfort conditions and suitable environment for buildings and their contents.

Ham House Richmond

Condition Surveys

MTA carry out Condition Surveys on the existing mechanical and electrical systems in a building, offer recommendations for testing and re-use where possible or replacement if necessary, ensure compliance with regulations and industry standards, with a view to keeping costs and impact to a building’s fabric to a minimum. We can advise on routine maintenance and planning for future replacement.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

MTA will attend site during the construction period of a project to monitor progress and ensure compliance with the specification and client’s requirements.

Staunton Country Park

Heritage Lottery Funding (HLF)

MTA has a wealth of experience with Heritage Lottery funded projects, helping with grant applications and meeting HLF requirements by innovative design.